Cute DIY Thanksgiving turkey idea for kids

by Kelin George

November 24th 2022, 4:09 pm

Many of you might be waiting for Thanksgiving day when we satisfy our taste buds with a scrumptious dinner with our closest friends and family.


But amid all the cooking, baking, and enjoying the feast, we might forget what Thanksgiving truly is about—being grateful for everything we have in our lives. So we thought it would be a perfect time for young children to learn about sharing love and gratitude.


What your child learns: 

With this DIY, teach your child why it is important to be thankful for the things and people they have in their lives. Through this DIY, your child can write about five things or people they’re most grateful for.


The DIY is super simple and there is even a free template for you to print and cut out.


Let’s get started!


How to DIY a Thanksgiving turkey for kids?


Things you’ll need:



  • Turkey template
  • Construction paper (brown, red, yellow, orange)
  • Googly eyes x 2
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Black marker


Steps for the DIY Thanksgiving turkey:


Print out the free template and cut it.


Use the cutout turkey shapes as a stencil to trace the shapes on the construction paper. Use brown construction paper for the turkey’s head and body, and red, orange, and yellow construction paper for the feathers. Use brown for the turkey’s legs and orange and red construction paper for the turkey’s beak and wattle.


Ask your child to write about 5 things they’re thankful for on the turkey’s feathers. You can also color or paint the feathers in any way you like.


Glue the turkey’s head (small brown circle) on the body (big brown circle) as shown.


Glue the feathers behind the turkey’s head and body.


Glue 2 googly eyes on the turkey’s head.



Glue the beak and wattle below the eyes.


There you go! A Thanksgiving turkey. You can make multiple Thanksgiving turkeys if your child has more to add to their Thanksgiving list.


Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone!


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