Day 24: Learn Fractions | Free fun worksheets for kids

by Kelin George

December 24th 2022, 3:30 pm

Have you ever asked your child to share candy or pizza with their friends or siblings, leaving them confused or even distraught? 

Here is one way to use this opportunity to teach your child about fractions using food.


On day 24 of the 25 days of learning series, let's try and learn a little about fractions through exciting activities. The worksheets below are food-themed, and your child may find them quite interesting as they have exciting problems like, "how much is 1/3rd of a cake?" or "what is ½ of a pie?"


Fractions could be overwhelming for first graders. So starting simple, with halves of things, for example, could help. Questions like, "How can a single bar of chocolate be divided equally in half?" or "Did dad eat half of a pizza?" could work. 


How to teach fractions to your child 

Download the FREE printable containing fun fraction worksheets for your child.



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