2023 yearly planner for kids | Free download

by BYJU'S Learning Team

January 13th 2023, 11:57 am

2023 is finally here! The start of this new year brings with it several learning opportunities. You can set learning goals for your child; it is just an excellent opportunity to start something new. Keeping this in mind, we've put together a calendar and monthly planner made specifically for children. 

Download and print this calendar to get started! 



Using a physical calendar has its own merits. For one, you can teach your child how to use a calendar, mark meaningful dates, like birthdays, tests, and holidays, and plan for them. It also serves as a visual reminder of appointments and responsibilities. Using a physical calendar has its joys. The tactical feel of paper showing the passage of time is less common today, making it even more special. 


The planner enclosed here is much more than just a simple calendar. In it, you will find all holidays highlighted. We've also added other noteworthy days and observances, including the first day of each season. All of them are learning opportunities for you and your child. For example, did you know that February 13 is World Radio Day? And that this year's theme is "Radio and Peace"? You could introduce your child to radio and speak about how it’s been used for generations as a vital communication tool to reach the farthest corners of the Earth. If there is a HAM Radio club in your town, you could visit the place and learn more.   


Every month has a tracker attached to it. Here, you can have your child tick off everyday activities like time spent on homework, reading, acts of kindness, and hobbies. There is space to fill in other activities like chores or sports. It helps to keep track and mark progress from day to day.   



How to use the BYJU'S Learning 2023 planner: 

  • Click on the planner or the download button to download it for free
  • It is designed for A4 size printing, so we recommend this size
  • Get the printed sheets spiral bound (your local print shop might be able to help with this)
  • You can even print the sheets out and pin each month and its tracker to your child's wall, replacing them as needed


There you have it! A planner for your child for the year. While this planner was made for children, it can also be used by adults, so if you want to track your daily activities alongside your child, this could be the calendar for you! 


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