Climate Change Conversations With Kids This Summer Season

by MS Meenakshi

July 6th 2023, 5:31 pm

It is essential to have environmental discussions with our kids as summertime draws near and the effects of climate change become more and more obvious. However, talking about climate change with your young ones can be tricky since it might arouse feelings of worry and anxiety. Approaching the topic sensitively by giving them a feeling of optimism is essential for ensuring a productive and practical discussion. 

You could be the first generation of parents to face this task of educating your kids on the nearing climatic challenges, and it might not be an easy task to handle! In this blog, let’s look at several tips for talking to your kids about climate change without frightening them.


Tips to address climate change during the summer season


1)Educate yourself first

Spend time learning about climate change before talking to your kids about it. Understand the fundamental concepts, root issues, and available solutions. This will make it easier for you to communicate the correct information and respond to any queries or worries they may have. Furthermore, it can be helpful to clarify any misconceptions or inaccurate information they may have encountered.

2)Understand what your kid already knows

Before engaging in a detailed discussion about climate change with your little one, it's beneficial to gauge their existing understanding and beliefs. It's essential to consider their age and the sources from which they have obtained information, as it may not always be accurate. A simple way to start is by asking them what they have heard about climate change and how they perceive its implications for themselves.


3)Simplify the concepts

Especially with younger kids, it is helpful to keep the conversations basic regarding complex subjects like climate change. Respond to questions from your kid as simply and directly as you can. Use kid-friendly language when explaining the effects of climate change. For instance, you may describe how the layers of the earth's atmosphere act as a blanket over the earth instead of discussing the complexity of greenhouse gases. You can start discussing more difficult subjects as kids gain knowledge and understanding of science.1 


It's important to keep in mind not to instill fear in kids while talking about these topics with them. This can be sorted by speaking about climate change in plain and simple language.


4)Take small steps to promote conservation

Concerns about climate change can be reduced by taking steps to promote conservation and protect the environment. You and your kids will experience a sense of empowerment by making decisions that contribute to the planet's health. Even though individual actions may seem small, the habits you teach your kids can have a lasting impact on subsequent generations.


Kids of all ages can understand and participate in small decisions that promote conservation, appreciation for nature, and a sustainable lifestyle. Simple practices like turning off faucets and lights when not in use, recycling, or composting food scraps can instill a sense of conservation. These actions, no matter how small, can make a significant impact and empower kids in the fight against climate change.


Although none of us are totally certain what the future of your kids will be due to the changing climate, we do know that they must be conscious of environmental concerns. By educating them about it, you can confidently direct your kid to comprehend this issue and act on it during this summertime. By dealing with this problem head-on, your kid could develop resilience that will benefit them in other facets of their life.


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